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Frequently Asked Questions

Every product listed on our website is considered non-alcoholic in the USA (less than 0.5% ABV). This means that most of our products contain very small traces of alcohol.

YES. These products do an incredible job capturing the aromas, flavors, appearances & overall essence of their alcoholic counter-parts but you can expect a bit of a difference because it is, after all, missing the alcohol (that is the whole point). With that said were positive you will be impressed & surprised by the quality of these drinks. Some even mimic the burning sensation like ARKAY you’ve come to expect with alcohol.

These Alcohol Free Spirits are best used as a foundation to making a great non-alcoholic cocktail. We know you’ll probably be curious and drink these on their own but that is not what most of these are meant for. If you are looking for something to take shots with you could try ARKAY for a lively kick. The wine alternatives & aperitifs go very well alone but can also be used to make cocktails.

All product pages have a “Recommendations” section where you can find the information on how long the product will last after opening and any other special instructions, like how to store your bottle.

YES! Removing alcohol from any beverage will immediately make it a healthier choice. Also, since there is no alcohol these products contain way less or no sugar, calories and carbs than you would ever see in alcohol. Check the nutritional facts of the products.

This is a deeply personal decision and everyone has their own recovery process. Each person is different, for some this may serve as a trigger and for others not at all. We recommend consulting your doctor & close family before making this decision. If you have more questions we are always free to discuss this topic further.

We do not endorse these products towards minors. Although these drinks are safe & legal in all the states, they have been crafted for adults and closely resemble the taste profiles of real alcohol. We understand opinions may vary on this topic but we discourage the purchase & use of these products by anyone under the legal drinking age.

While it may not cause no harm, we recommend consulting a medical professional if you have any concerns about consuming our non-alcoholic alternatives.

All our drinks are below 0.5% ABV when consumed without mixing or diluting. When making a drink and diluting with tonic water or soda, the alcohol level is even lower and comparable to the level found in orange juice. We also have options that contain absolutely no alcohol, such as ARKAY.

Considering we do not know your specific medication/health condition we recommend consulting a medical professional if you’re concerned. Most of the time these drinks won’t interfere with your medication but your doctor will be able to guarantee and guide you in the right direction.

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