, a New Beverage Marketplace Where Product Bundling Strategy is All Set to Reduce the Retail Price of Alcohol-Free Spirits.


Ascertaining a competitive edge in the Sober Industry ArKay Non-Alcoholic Spirits are now easy on your pockets available exclusively on


It was a rarity a few years ago for people to see non-alcoholic spirits in the market. With people not drinking alcohol for a myriad of reasons, suddenly non-alcoholic spirits have become widely accepted by the consumers. As the tables have turned, people are looking forward to embracing substitutes. The beverage industry is clamoring upon the idea of creating drinks that emulate the traditional taste of alcohol. Reynald Vito Grattagliano, the mastermind behind ArKay, launched its world first alcohol-free spirits range in the year 2011 and introduced 24 new flavors to allure the audience. Fast forward to 10 years, ArKay is growing and attaining a steep sales graph with each passing day. The company is ready to tackle every challenge coming in the sober industry, the first being the price of beverages introduced by ArKay and then combating with the competitor brands promoting non-alcoholic spirits with a certain amount of alcohol in them. In a bid to encourage mindful drinking amongst people and enjoy the true essence of social experience. a new beverage marketplace where product bundling strategy is all set to reduce the retail price of Arkay alcohol-free liquor collection from $50 to as low as $10. In comparison, the nearest competitors start at $26 and reach up to $36.

Zero Proof, 0% alcohol, Alcohol Free Spirits are the new sipping trend around the world.

Talking about the USA market alone, in the year 2022, ready-to-drink-low or non-alcoholic drinks will grow by 39%, which is a massive movement considering how global lock downs in 2020 changed the dynamics of the world and raised non-alcoholic spirits.

Thinking about every household in the USA and around the globe, ArKay has the vision to be seen on everyone’s shelf and relish every sip. With the ever-increasing competition, various brands are trying to tarnish the image of ArKay, only to realize that it is acting as a free press for the company.

Competitors in the space are winding up atrociously, but ArKay is not deterring and recently has become the  #1 seller on Amazon under the Gourmet &Food Vodka and Rum category.

Hitting all the odds to become a pioneer in the sober industry, ArKay has surpassed household name brands, including Absolut, Smirnoff, and Tito’s.

The real question is, what made Arkay reduce the price of its alcohol-free range sold on

Well, it’s the popular request. For years ArKay has devoted its time to listening to the people and introduce new variants that satisfy every palette, but this time, ArKay wanted to understand what makes people reluctant when they are thinking to try out a new bottle of an alcohol-free spirits. In a 1-year dedicated survey, consumers mentioned the pricing of all the non-alcoholic spirits available in the market and how a liquor bottle is much more accessible to them even if they wish to stay sober.

The problem is clearly visible, and however, the situation should be exactly the opposite because producing liquor is far more expensive than developing alcohol-free drinks. Considering the scenario further, ArKay finally decided to roll out new prices and win customers all over again.

Here is the curated list of multiple brands, including ArKay, and their price as per the quantity: 

  • 750 Ml of Ritual costs $26 (on average)
  • 700 Ml of Lyres costs $35 (on average)
  • 700 Ml of Seedlip costs $32 (on average)
  • 750 Ml of Spiritless costs $36 (on average)
  • 1000 ml of Arkay costs $10 (on


What’s reassuring is the fact that ArKay, the world’s first alcohol-free flavored spirits, is a 100% family-owned business and possesses a bottling plant with a production capacity of 21 million bottles per year. To cater to the ever-increasing wants of the sober industry, ArKay is developing a new bottling plant in Texas which is all set to function in the year 2022.

Taking mild steps towards the positive revolution and entering the age of renaissance where people will not be considering alcohol anymore or cutting short on their all-time favorite alcohol drinks, Arkay ‘founder’ Reynald has also curated the “American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association” an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) that will hold brands accountable for false advertising their alcohol-free spirits range that contains a certain amount of alcohol resulting in addicting consumers to the brand and devaluating the entire agenda of helping people battle their addiction.



  • is a new marketplace where beverage producers, importers, and distributors from all over the world can showcase their line of products such as Alcohol-Free Aperitifs, Beers, Cocktails, Spirits, Wine, Champagne, Sparking wines, Water, Soft drinks, and other products.
  •’s clear advantages from its competitor are that products are sold only by the case instead of by unit therefore the shipping cost is minimal, and the consumers end up saving a lot. Product Bundling Strategy

  • Product bundling increase the profits and sales of individual items over time.
  • By grouping our items together, we make our customers buy more than one product during a single purchase, which increases our average order value.
  • Instead of buying just one bottle during a single purchase, the customer will be given an option to buy 12 bottles as a bundle, making them purchase more than one product thereby increasing our average order value and decreasing shipping cost, ultimately passing the savings on to the consumer.