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Arkay Alcohol Free Vodka Flavored Drink 1 Box

Arkay Alcohol Free Vodka Flavored Drink 1 Box
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Arkay Alcohol Free Vodka Flavored Drink 1 Box
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  • Brand: Arkay Beverages
  • Model: 1 Vodka Box
  • Weight: 22.00kg
  • Dimensions: 15.00cm x 28.40cm x 36.40cm
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Arkay VODKA Alternative is the true substitute for alcohol, perfect for adding a new twist to your cocktails. Clean and healthy: ZERO alcohol, no allergens, NON GMO ingredients, no gluten, ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, and ZERO sweetener 100% pleasure! TASTING NOTES: Appearance: transparent | Smell: vodka | Flavor: vodka.

A GOOD ALTERNATIVE TO LIQUOR: You don't always need to drink alcohol to continue enjoying yourself. Arkay drinks are healthy and natural alternatives, they contain no sugar, no calories, no carbohydrates, no gluten, are Non GMO, and are vegan. They are perfect for all those who take medication or have some type of immune deficiency.

FOR A DIVERSITY IN DRINKS: Many times in a social gathering or party not all the guests look for alcoholic options. Arkay offers a new and innovative non-alcoholic option as opposed the common ones such as juice or soda.

PREPARE YOUR FAVORITE COCKTAILS WITHOUT ALCOHOL: Arkay gives you the best option to enjoy all your favorite LIQUORS with the same taste and sensation without requiring alcohol.

ARKAY IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN: Arkay has opened the door and marked their products as the best alternative to non-alcoholic beverages flavored with your favorite liqueurs. It is focused on the adult and sophisticated audience.

MORE THAN JUST A RITUAL: Arkay Alcohol Free Spirits was nominated by the Scottish Spirits Association as the best alternative to liquor.
Arkay is made without distilling so there is never alcohol in the process. Experience all the taste and feel without alcohol.
With Arkay the party does not end.

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